The registration for the Holland Masters 2024 is open. Preliminary starting times of Holland Masters 2024 will be anounced at first in july.

Participants of the World and European Championships please read this Invitation Letter.

Accurate timetable during the competition will be published at the venue at the day of the competition and will be published online at this page.

Friday 11th October: timetable to be published here
Saturday 12th October: timetable to be published here
Sunday 13th October: timetable to be published here

For early check-in please see the early check-in information page. Thank you for joining us in Rotterdam from 11-13 October 2024.


Please take note of the following routing to enter and leave the floor during your competition:

NADB Open competitions
Couples that want to compete in NADB Open Rising Star Latin, NADB Open Rising Star Standard and the NADB Open Senior A Standard please email your couple information to

For Dutch couples: NADB paren kunnen inschrijven voor de Open Senior A klasse via


WDSF License and E-Card (information for Dutch couples)
Do you want to start competing in WDSF competitions and you do not have a WDSF license yet? Check the information on this page.


to be announced.