These are the preliminary starting times of Holland Masters 2023. After registration has been closed on Sunday 8th October 24.00 hrs this time table will be updated. Please check again the time of the start of your competition.

For early check-in please see the early check-in information page. Thank you for joining us in Rotterdam from 13-15 October 2023

09.00 WDSF Senior 3 ST
09.30 WDSF WC Senior 4 ST
12.30 WDSF Senior 1 ST
14.30 NADB Senior Start Class LA
14.30 WDSF Senior 3 LA
16.45 NADB Closed NK 10 Dance
18.15 NADB Rising Star LA
19.30 WDSF Senior 5 ST
20.00 NADB Senior Start Class ST
NADB Senior 1A, 2 B, 2 A and 3 A

09.30 WDSF Junior 2 LA
09.45 WDSF Senior 2 ST
10.30 NADB Rising Star ST
11.30 WDSF Youth LA
13.30 WDSF WC Senior 2 LA
14.30 NADB Closed NK Formation ST and LA
16.30 WDSF International Open LA
19.30 WDSF Senior 3 ST

09.00 NADB C, B and A Class ST
09.30 WDSF Junior 2 ST
09.45 NADB Start Class ST
11.45 NADB C, B and A Class LA
12.15 WDSF Senior 1 LA
12.45 NADB Start Class LA
13.45 WDSF PD ST
14.30 WDSF EC Youth ST
15.20 WDSF Senior 4 ST
16.30 WDSF International Open ST



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Couples that want to compete in NADB Open Rising Star Latin/Standard and Senior V Standard please email your couple information to


WDSF License and E-Card (information for Dutch couples)
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