Covid 19

Access to the venue

The rules in the Netherlands instruct us to check a valid COVD-19 Certificate with everyone that enters the venue.

IMPORTANT: without a valid Certificate and ID, we cannot allow access to the venue. Please prepare well in advance!

Visitors from the Netherlands

Please check: for more information about “Check for Toegang”

Visitors from EU

Are you visiting the Netherlands from another European country? Then you can use the EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC). Using a paper or digital DCC from your country of origin, you can be allowed access to the venue.  To get a DCC, you have to create a vaccination, recovery or test certificate. Please consult your government for more information on getting the DCC.

Visitor from outside EU

Visitors from countries that don’t use the EU DCC need to get tested beforehand through “Testen voor Toegang” and convert their result in CoronaCheck app. For more information about “Testen voor Toegang” (testing for access) go to:

Rules & Regulations during competition

Once inside, all COVID-19 measures no longer apply:

  • 1,5 meter distance is no longer applicable
  • facemask is not prescribed, but you are free to wear one
  • seating has no restrictions
  • standing and chatting in the hallways is allowed

But please take in account that other dancers and/or visitors can still be careful. So don’t forget to keep an eye out on each other.