Holland Masters Dance Inspiration Day

Private lessons, workshops and guided practice

Dear dancers,

We trust you will have an amazing time during the Holland Masters competition events this year. We are so looking forward to having you in the lovely Rotterdam. But why not continue this experience and continue preparing for your next competition?

The Dutch National Dancesport Federation (NADB) is organizing a training camp with amazing world-class teachers taking place immediately after Holland Masters, in the CanDance Studios in Amsterdam. Do not miss this chance!

When: Monday, October 17th 2022
Where: CanDance Studios Amsterdam, Isolatorweg 28, Amsterdam
Trainers Latin: Julie Fryer, Tatsiana lahvinovich Galchun, Karina Rubio and Felix Castillo.
Trainers Standard: Gianita Bigazzi, Justyna Hawkins, Catia Vanone, Alexander Makarov and Emanuel Valeri.

You can book private lessons with any of these teachers. To allow for more couples to benefit from this amazing opportunity we will allow a maximum of 2 lessons (45 mins each) per couple per teacher, and first come first serve. We cannot guarantee you a spot with the trainer you wish. You can book your lessons ASAP via e-mail to boyan.kirchev@nadb.eu. Boyan can provide you additional information about pricing, your lessons schedule, and available accommodation at discounted prices nearby the venue.

And there is more!

Workshop and guided practice
For only €25 per person, we offer a workshop, which will be open to both dancers and trainers/judges followed by a guided practice and competition simulation.
This program will start at 18:30 sharp with lectures from a top trainer in Latin and Ballroom, followed by the guided practice starting at 21:00.
Please book your participation via e-mail to boyan.kirchev@nadb.eu. The availability will be limited so don’t wait up!

Please note that full price will be due in case of any cancellations after the 10th of October!