Tickets & Seating

Tickets & Seating

Entry Fee Holland Masters

Entry per person
WDSF World and European Championships €  20,00
WDSF International Open ST and LA €  30,00
WDSF Senior 1 to 5 ST and Senior LA €  30,00
WDSF Youth €  30,00
WDSF Junior 2 ST and LA €  20,00
NADB Open Rising Star ST and LA €  25,00
NADB Start, A, B and C ST and LA €  17,50
NADB Closed Dutch Championship 10 Dance €  25,00
Floor seats €  45,00
Visitors €  17,50
Children up to 11 years unless competitor Free


Additional information:

  • for dancers, your entrance ticket includes your starting fee
  • dancers who decide to dance more than one competition on a day, only pay 1 time, being the costs for your highest entry ticket.
  • dancers who purchase a table seat next to the floor (45,00 Euros) are not required to pay additional starting fees. Its included.
  • book your table seats asap, limited availability.
  • No refund.


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