Welcome to the Holland Masters

Thank you all for visiting Holland Masters 2023!

We look forward to welcoming you (back!) in Rotterdam from 11 till 13 October 2024.


Looking for photos of Holland Masters 2023? Our licensed photographers RobRonda.com and Ron Pechler have made a lot of photos so feel free to contact them personally if you have any questions.


Star couples

WDSF Open Standard Senior III
WDSF International Open Latin

WDSF Open Senior IV

WDSF International Open Standard

Star couples must check in before the start of the competition. This can be done by phone or message.


The registration has been closed and we have updated the preliminary starting times of Holland Masters 2023. Also the early check-in information is online.

Kind Regards,

NADB organising team




To contact the organisation, please use the form below.